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Data is going to be central to the way a company markets its products in the future. Paid social promotions are becoming key weapons as marketers try to break through the clutter of social feeds to reach their target audience. Facebook’s increasing revenue from paid ads is a good case in point to demonstrate the growing importance of paid social promotions in drawing consumer attention to their product.

Paid social promotions are based on data as marketers use data derived from first and third party sources to identify, segment and profile their target audience. Data analysis provides marketers with audience context to drive their social marketing campaigns, which is why greater the data, the more opportunity they have to know their audience which in turn can drive greater audience engagement with their social marketing campaign. Since most data consumption is taking place through mobile devices, managing mobile data has assumed the most significance.

But how do you marry different sets of data to create a unified audience profile?

Mobile Data platforms are the solution as they integrate different data sets to provide answers to audience behaviors that drive successful ad campaigns. While DMP as a concept is relatively new, there are many emerging platforms that are slowly gaining traction. We have listed some of the best emerging mobile data platforms.

Lotame is an emerging data management platform (DMP) that integrates and decomposes audience data to enable agencies, publishers and marketers to achieve effective marketing, product and business decisions. By collecting first party data from across applications, sites and campaigns and integrating it with insights and observations from other internal sources like email or CRM data as well external third party sources, the Lotame DMP uses advanced rule based data collection to capture even the most granular data points to enable marketers to build a robust wholesome audience profile. The platform allows clients to find prospective clients that mirror the behavior of existing customers, know more about existing customers and plan and execute social marketing campaigns accessible across multiple devices targeting their unique audience segment.

AudienceArchitect™ from The Mobile Majority is another emerging mobile data platform that has the capacity to integrate and analyze trillions of first party and proprietary data to enable marketers, agencies and publishers to choose from an entire suite of options regarding audience targeting for campaigns.  AudienceArchitect™ combines its own proprietary database containing billions of records of consumer interactions with external data sources including first, second and third party data sources to provide real time audience data to optimize marketing campaign experience.

A more technologically advanced next gen mobile data platform, Krux’s analytics driven tool synthesizes  data from different sources into a single view as well as helps businesses increase revenue by providing valuable insights tailored to individual customer segments. Krux intelligence based software delivers highly granular personalized data that enable marketers to provide game changing customer experience.

The mobile data platform is getting increasingly crowded as the demand for DMPs continues to rise and we are sure there will be many more platforms to look out for in the future.


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