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Mobile service operators are constantly looking to tap alternate revenue streams. The maintenance of uniformity with their business processes, service offerings and consumer experience always remains a significant challenge. Also, maintaining the existing ecosystem, ensuring minimal change to it is to be maintained.

The iPACS solution has been outlined in order to ensure uniformity across the entire business process of the telecom service providers, such as customer interaction management, billing and provisioning.  It is targeted at simplifying the overall business management of the service providers, aiding their decision making through converged reporting and in-depth analysis.

The advantages of iPACS include:

Customer relationship management with iPACS

New-age telecommunication companies need a unified product portfolio in order to support their need for business and customer management.

The iPACS Business support system suite enable the mobile service operators to reuse of the existing flow of business and rules belonging to acquisition, facilitating faster product and line of business roll-out. Also, the maintenance of IT uniformity to assure easier business administration along with efficient customer management is ensured.

It can be used by operators to supporturgent alarms and activities like mobile number portability, personal events, reminders and campaigns.

Convergent Billing and Mediation with iPACS

Deploying a single window solution for all the billing requirements becomes very important for service providers. The iPACS convergent billing solution allows the operator to replicate the existing business plans across multiple business lines. It enables the operator to manage their product portfolio in a converged manner spanning differentiated to prepaid, post-paid and hybrid offerings.

Order Management and Provisioning with iPACS

The iPACS solution enables provisioning and fulfillment functions as a key differentiator for mobile service operators.  With its step-wise request handling feature, iPACS offers a greater traceability for the provisioning requests, offering intelligent capacity control. iPACS also ensures the faster rollout of transformation deployments.

Smart Inventory Management with iPACS

The iPACS solution has been designed to cater every requirement pertaining to dynamic inventory management. It supports the inventory lifecycle, initiating from primary sourcing till it is sold. iPACS provides a complete view of the available inventory in an operator’s warehouse as well as in a dealer’s stocks. Advanced features like inventory ageing help in differentiating the old inventory payout amongst end customers and dealers.

Roaming Billing with iPACS

The management of entire arena of roaming services is a significant challenge faced by the mobile service operators. Roamflex, the roaming billing solution from iPACS offers advanced tools to mobile operators for limiting the customers’ spending on roaming, thereby reducing their account payables.

Interconnect Management with iPACS

For any mobile operator, offering support to transient and call terminating partners is very important. The iPACS interconnect feature, through its intelligent reporting, extends intuitive insights into different CDR patterns received from different interconnect partners.

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